Tricks to make your home attractive for the buyer

At the time of selling a property, many questions come to mind: At what price should I sell my house? At what value is the market? With agency or without it?

In order to sell your home quickly, two factors must be taken into account: professional management and a good first impression. But as many times the circumstances do not allow it, we propose 6 tips to take into account to make your home attractive to the buyer and achieve the ultimate goal, the sale.

Before publishing your ad on the Internet, you will have to adjust your offer to reality and see the value that the real estate market demands. A direct way is for a real estate agency to determine its sale price. Other possibilities would be to take as a reference prices of homes for sale similar to yours in terms of square meters, location and characteristics. The number of calls or messages you receive will give you a first clue as to whether or not you have made the right price.

The objective is to make housing as attractive as possible to potential buyers. It should start with a full inspection of the house, which usually reveals imperfections that could hinder the sale. Besides repairing them, it is essential to do small aesthetic works: painting walls, varnishing doors and changing floors or tiles, which make a big difference. It is not worth getting into major works, it is enough that the house acquires a clean and modern look.

Contact a real estate agent. If we are going to put our house in the hands of an expert, we must spend time selecting the best real estate agent. We must define with it the improvements to be made as well as define the marketing plan that will be carried out to sell our house.

It contemplates the additional expenses: documentation and repairs. All salespeople must take into account the extra expenses that the sale will generate: expenses of Notary, lawyers, real estate agents, professional evaluations…. Before publishing the announcement of our house, we must check that all papers are in order such as an unregistered inheritance, a load without lifting etc … Among the necessary documentation to have in force by the owner is the property title or writing registered in the Public Registry of Property, last 4 receipts of IBI paid, community expenses and paid expenses. To all these expenses we will have to add the necessary repairs that the house requires.

When it comes to teaching housing for sale, it depersonalizes your house. The first impression is very important, so you have to do everything possible to make the house look good. It is not enough to clean and collect, a good decoration is key to impress potential buyers. It is necessary to eliminate everything that is very personal and can cause rejection such as photos or travel memories … the more minimalist, the better. White can give a lot of play when selling a house Recommendation! Paint the white walls and get white lacquered furniture that will give a clean, new and modern look to the house.

Finally, once ready for sale, it is time to contemplate the possibility of advertising. The best thing is to act on all fronts: signs visible from the street, posters distributed throughout the area and advertisements on real estate portals online and on social networks. If we do not have the necessary tools or knowledge to advertise our house for sale, we can always hire a professional. It produces an attractive advertisement about the home for sale including useful data such as useful meters, distribution, year in which it was built, as well as the location and characteristics of the house: lift, heating, terrace, swimming pool, green areas … You will have guaranteed success!

It is very important to have a good attitude from the beginning and answer all the questions that future buyers can ask us and, above all, be transparent and give confidence. Only then will you be able to sell your house in record time.

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