Do you want to renovate or sell an apartment

Many people think that they will have to move, because renovating an apartment is not an option. However, refurbishment is also possible with an apartment! You only have to deal with slightly different rules and of course with neighbors who have to agree with your decision. Nevertheless, remodeling your apartment can increase the value considerably and it usually costs you less money than when you move. Do you want to sell or renovate your apartment?

Which requirements do you have to meet with renovation?

The renovation of an apartment must meet a number of requirements before you can renovate:

  • You have a complete building plan that you can submit
  • You are already in possession of a municipal building permit. If not, your application will immediately be rejected to prevent illegal cultivation in the complex.
  • You are not concerned with load-bearing constructions (load-bearing walls, windows and (door) frames
  • You can explain that your renovation will give little inconvenience to fellow residents, or otherwise for a limited time

Sell ​​your apartment

The last option, if you do not want to or cannot carry out renovation work, is moving. Be aware that the downsides of your apartment are not only for you negatives, but also for potential buyers. So it is better to first request a quotation for the renovation, to see if it is more economical to grow. If your downside mainly exists in subjective points, you can of course sell your house immediately , because then there will definitely be buyers who think differently.

Renovation often involves a lot of work. One is fond of it and prefers nothing more than doing jobs, while the other person has to deal with it as little as possible. The choice between remodeling and selling is therefore very personal and there is no clear and simple advice. Two questions are important: is the renovation good for the value of your apartment and do you see the renovation work? If the answer to both questions is yes, then remodeling is often a wiser choice than to move immediately. If the refurbishment does not immediately increase the value of the apartment or if you do not mind refurbishing, the choice is also made easy: moving is probably your best option.

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