Guide to sell a home in record time

If you are considering selling your home, know that now it takes less time to find a buyer, but also that in order to sell the property as quickly as possible you have to follow a series of steps, carry out a whole plan, a real strategy in which you have consider three variables: the price, location and condition of the floor. The first one is the most relevant.

How to fix the price and other tips

The first thing that must be clear to the owner of a property is whether he has a real need to sell (to specify a larger space before the arrival of a child, a job or study change, an inheritance …) the has to be aware that surely he will not be willing to sell his house so the market is going to tell him it’s worth it.

Once the decision to sell has been made, a market price must be set, an issue that is decisive since it really marks the time it will take to exit the property. For which the seller must inform himself. There are several formulas that can be combined:

  1. Request a value estimate from a professional, a cheaper formula than an appraisal since they do not measure the house or check its status.
  2. Ask a real estate agency in the area for information on the price at which the property could be sold, as they know the area.
  3. Carry out an appraisal. A tool that can be very useful for the seller and not only for the buyer at the time of requesting a mortgage.

Once the offer price has been fixed, a sales strategy must be made, which, in the opinion of this expert, goes by adjusting the price, monthly or every 15 days, until the owner sees that it starts. To receive calls or requests to visit the apartment.

In addition, these experts recommend taking great care of the advertisement that is made on the floor and advise to put the photographs of the house in the hands of professionals, even if it is a little more expensive, and refrain from ‘crappy’ photographs with the mobile phone.

How long does it take to sell?

We could be talking about 2 or 4 months since the announcement is placed until the house is sold, when during the crisis any sale was a triumph and it took more than a year always talking about a house at a price of market, well located and in perfect condition.

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