Tips to sell your house easily

Selling a house is an idea that has always had special fear given the amount of cumbersome processes that citizens have to face. We are in a moment in which little by little the sale of real estate is increasingly on the rise since, according to the data of the General College of Notaries.

In that sense, selling a house is usually an important decision, as well as a process with many factors and details to consider.

The importance of properly assessing your home

First of all, it is of vital importance to begin estimating a house valuation, since this step will be one of the most important when generating greater interest for housing in the market. For this, it is necessary to analyze well the offer of the area where the address is, the surrounding floors, views, reforms, etc. One option is to opt for a detailed investigation taking as reference the main real estate portals.

On the other hand, it is important not to inflate the price in the face of the sale, since we must take into account the figures demanded by the market, not those that the sellers are willing to fix. For this, there are tools that help busy users to value the home for free. Nor should we forget the expenses involved in selling a house, such as the surplus value of the property, notary, registry, etc.

Turn the house into an object of desire

Facing the sale of a house is important to assess your status. In all cases, it is necessary to assess the possibility of making reforms if required, paint and even redecorate. There are methods for a series of marketing techniques focused on presenting housing in a very attractive way whose objective is based on getting a sale or rent much faster and at a price that can sometimes exceed 15%. On the other hand, it is also necessary to depersonalize the home to such an extent that it is not associated with any odor. Betting on citrus air fresheners in the spring season is always a good option.

The treatment when receiving potential buyers is of vital importance. The purchase of a house is one of the biggest investments for any citizen. Therefore, it is advisable to solve all the doubts of the candidates, or leave the time they need to examine the address.

Once the arrangements are made, when the house is ready, it is time to start with the photo session. It is recommended to take advantage of the light, and together with the photographs of the home, attach a plan of the house that will undoubtedly add value to the advertisement and help those interested to build a more real idea of ​​the space. Once the photo session is taken, it is time to register the house in the most popular online portals. It is important to write an attractive and easy-to-read text that conveys all the characteristics of the address, sales, location, and places of interest near the home such as schools or supermarkets.

Be flexible with the potential buyer

Listening to potential buyers is one of the most important tasks of professionals who help sell a home, or of individuals who are dedicated to closing the sale. In these cases, it is recommended not to rule out asking for an appraisal, which can help the candidate interested to finally opt for the address.

On the other hand, the delivery times are also fundamental since, in numerous occasions, the interested persons will also have to sell their house to buy another one. It is necessary to take into account the dialogue, to reach an agreement and execute the sales processes in the most bearable way, always assessing the situation of the buyers.

The last steps before closing the sale

Once given the yes I want, and closed, almost, the sale of the house is necessary to begin with all the most cumbersome processes of the cycle. The deposit agreement or the reservation of the right to housing through the delivery of an amount must contain all the data that will appear in the final purchase agreement (perfectly identifying the dwelling and its annexes, the price and method of payment, the period foreseen for the granting of the public deed and the pacts on distribution of expenses in the sale if it exists).

In addition, it is necessary to take into account that the signing of the deeds will be carried out through a notary. In this way, it is important to point out that the granting of the deed of sale is equivalent to the delivery of the home. On the other hand, if the buyer regrets days before closing the sale, the most usual thing is to proceed with a penitential deposit contract which means that the potential buyer will only lose the amount delivered in concept.

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