Guide to selling faster your house

The first, the price

This is one of the most relevant aspects in the sale. But you have to start from the fact that the price marks the market. If the sale decision is made without the help of an intermediary, it is clear that it is necessary to analyze the offer of the area and to see similar apartments by location, meters, distribution, orientation, views, whether or not they are reformed …, something that Can be done through the different real estate portals.

Once the offer is analyzed, we should not make the mistake of basing ourselves on the neighbor’s selling price without analyzing the similarities of the property. And do not ask for the price that we would like because it is what we need to pay for our new floor. The market is sovereign, and does not serve what we want.Another fundamental fact. If the price is above the area, the property must be exceptional.

Broadcast channels

The house is not sold alone. Once the price is marked, you have to look for the broadcast channels: internet, advertisements on the portal, the doorman … In the case of the Internet, the most used medium, the photos should be attractive and taken care of, and the information as Possible and real. Better include videos to have a greater number of visits. From there, if the calls do not occur, then the price is not the right one.

Prepare the house

A home is better sold than a home. It is essential to get a good impression to favor its possible sale. The ideal is to depersonalize it and maintain a clean and orderly space. Do not forget that we have the house decorated to our liking, which does not have to match the buyer’s. There are photos and some family memories that do not help.

Details such as having the house ventilated and everything tidy, including the kitchen, are much more important than it seems and they make the house between better by the eyes of the buyer. The blinds always raised so that between the greater amount of light, and if the views are not very pleasant, the curtains closed. And good lighting. A dim light bulb does not help highlight a space.

Fix the defects

Ideally, the house is freshly painted, or at least, without any chips or stains. And the gleaming stained floors are a plus. The doors of the bedrooms, open to favor the sense of spaciousness of the house.

A door that does not close properly, a dripping faucet, a lowered shutter, a crack in the wall are some things that, at first glance, create a bad feeling. It is more than likely that with a small investment of 1,000 euros, the house can be sold in 4,000 or 5,000 euros more, and increase the chances of receiving offers. And one last tip, experts say that the aroma of fresh coffee gives home feeling.

Go to companies of “Home staging”

Another option to improve the appearance of a home, is to use a company of “home staging “, which is responsible for adapting to the preferences of buyers, where vision and feelings are essential. What you perceive through the senses is what you will remember more easily. The key is to prepare the house so that the perceptions of the potential buyer are as positive as possible. Experts say that “what you cannot see, you cannot sell.” And they assert that in a significant percentage the price of the house increases and in case of not doing so, at least it is sold without negotiation to the low and, in addition, it reduces the time of commercialization.

To go to an agency

Of course, another option is to go to an agency. In exchange for staying between 3 and 5% of the sale price, will be responsible for arranging and make the visits, which can discharge you of great discomfort. It will help both buyer and seller in the procedures to carry out the operation. And depending on the agency, you can offer, or not, other real estate services that will help sell the house. If it is good, it can even help sell your apartment more expensive. But there is a question of valuing between what it offers and the commission it takes.

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