17 Tips to sell your house faster

The home buying and selling market seems to be starting to take off timidly after the economic downturn caused by the crisis. Selling a home is not easy, as many factors influence the sale process. From the price to the location, obviously going through the situation where the house is.

If you are currently wanting to sell your house, and want to do it as soon as possible, here we give you a series of simple tricks to get the house ready to visit potential buyers and make it as attractive as possible.

  • Paint the house

Would not you attend a wedding without going to a hair salon first? Well if you want to sell your house, it is just as important to put it beautiful by painting it from top to bottom. White, to give greater sense of cleanliness, luminosity and amplitude, or using the colors that you know that will help to get the full potential of the home.

  • Order and clean

There is nothing more oppressive than entering a house in which everything is scrambled. The image is important, and if we want to sell the house soon, we have to convey the image that our house is a haven of relaxation and harmony. And there is nothing more harmonious than an orderly house. If necessary, throw things, or lower them to the storage room, but leave the house in perfect condition when your potential buyers will visit what may be your future home.

  • Goodbye to the big furniture

In this quick and economic lifting that we are doing to the house, it is important to try to make the house look as spacious and spacious as possible. So, get rid of very large furniture that is eaten half a room. Also remove the old furniture that hinders and make the house uglier.

  • Brush the furniture

In this set-up to sell your house as soon as possible, it is important to also leave the furniture immaculate. In addition to the usual olive cleaning you already do to maintain the house, it is important to use oil and wood repair products on the furniture so that they look their best.

  • Make coffee or a dessert

There is nothing nicer than waking up in the morning and smelling of coffee, or entering a house that smells like biscuits or freshly made cookies. With the aroma of coffee or a freshly baked dessert, we will be able to promote the idea of ​​a cozy home, the home flavor we all crave and that reminds us of childhood. And in the end, everything adds up to get you to sell your house as soon as possible.

  • A carpet on time is a victory

If the floor is not all that good it should, and you do not have the economic capacity to change, a good option may be to place carpets in the spaces where the floor is worse. It will give a warmer atmosphere, and in addition, the state of the soil will be more hidden. It’s not about cheating, it’s simply a little trick that will make the house more attractive.

  • Let the light in

Brightness is a very important factor when buying a home. That is why, when you receive a visit to sell your house, raise the blinds as much as possible, and if you have opaque curtains, change them to less-than-light curtains that let the light through. The detail of having the blinds raised is especially important if you are going to take photos to upload them to some website selling flats.

  • Do not leave lamps without light bulbs

Since we are talking about the subject of light, it is important that the lamps have all their bulbs. There is nothing sadder than a house in shadows, and if we enter a room in which there is scarcely illumination, the feeling of sadness and darkness will evaporate the desire to acquire the house.

  • Combine classic furniture with modern furniture

If your home is full of old and classic furniture, a good idea to create contrast and give it a bit of modernity. You can buy some attractive furniture that you can later take to your new home, or a modern lamp with a lot of personality.

  • Put the bathroom on. Get rid of silicone

The bathroom, next to the kitchen, will be one of the spaces in which buyers are most set. That’s why, in addition to undergoing an intensive cleaning of those that mark the time, you can polish details such as removing the old silicone, or apply some product to clean dirty joints. Check the faucet, and if it is in bad condition, change it.

  • Change the machine for a curtain

If your machine is dirty and old, perhaps the best option is to remove the machine and put a shower curtain. You will gain hygienic feeling, and maybe if the curtain is collected the bathroom will gain some breadth.

  • Change the kitchen without works

As we have said, next to the bathroom, another of the most examined areas will be the kitchen. In this space, you can choose to paint some furniture with chalk paint, change the handles, or paint or put some vinyl on the tiles. In the kitchen also matters the order, so remove all the essential to make it wider, and clear the worktops, giving you some product to make it bright. If the faucet is in poor condition and full of lime, you can also change it by putting a more modern and stylish faucet to modernize this area of ​​the kitchen.

  • Put a green touch on the house

Putting the green touch is always important. The plants give a touch of color, transmit peace, relaxation, and also, decorate. So put some flowers in the window, and some indoor plants in the living room, taking into account the size to avoid that instead of being a decorative plant, the living room looks like a jungle. And of course, if you have dried plants on the terrace or on the windowsill, get rid of them immediately.

  • No rags or tablecloths

In many houses the rubber is not removed at all. Crude error if we want to sell the house. As soon as you know that you are going to have a visit, remove strips and tablecloths and leave the tables clear and clear, showing wood and order.

  • Remove personal photos and details

In addition to creating a comfortable atmosphere, an important part in the sale of a house is to make the hypothetical buyer feel that house as their own and whether it is living there, breakfast on the terrace, or reading in that cozy corner through which it sits The sun in the afternoons. That is why, if we remove elements such as photos or very personal details, we will help the prospective buyer to project himself into the house and see himself living there.

  • Transforms the terrace or the balcony

Whoever has a terrace has a treasure. It is true that they give a lot of work if you want to keep it clean and with flowers, and in fact, there are many people who have the terrace or the balcony as if it were a storage room. But when selling a home, this small outdoor space can play a key role. So even if you have never used it, furnish the terrace or the balcony, put some garland of lights, some plants … Create a cozy and striking corner so that the future owner will be enthralled by the house for this.

  • Be realistic with the price

This is the main tip to sell your house in a reasonable time. It is true that we all want to make the most of the sale of our property, especially if we want to get into another house and we have to ask for a mortgage. But in this day we have to be aware of the market situation and the state of our home. We hope these little tricks are useful!

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